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Dental Implants

Dental implants are specially designed titanium metal roots which are inserted into the jaw bone. Crowns, bridges and dentures are then fitted over the artificial roots, to serve as replacement for missing natural teeth. After placement of implants, approximately 2-4 months are allowed for bone and implant to bond together to form an anchor for the artificial tooth. There are also some implant systems that require less healing period. Your dentist will advise the best implant as per the need.

Implants keep your bone intact and healthy. In addition to appearance and function like a natural tooth, dental implant replaces a single or multiple teeth without sacrificing the healthy neighboring teeth. Also it provides good support for a denture making it more secure and comfortable. It enriches the quality of life.

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Having gaps where teeth are missing affects the way the jaw closes. The remaining teeth begin to tilt and drift into the gaps. In addition to food becoming trapped in these spaces, TMJ problems (jaw joint problems) may arise because of jaw-line bite offsets.

Also, the longer you are missing a tooth, the greater the bone loss you will experience in that area. As soon as a tooth is lost, either from gum disease or an extraction, the supporting bone in the jaw begins to dissolve. Over time, more and more of the jaw bone disintegrates until it becomes very difficult to eat certain foods or even perform dental restoration.

Aesthetically, replacing missing teeth will improve your smile and preserve the integrity and shape of your jaw-line and face.