Partial Denture

When there is loss of one or more teeth, but not all, then replacement with partial dentures is possible.

They are of 2 types: (1) Removable (2) Fixed.

Removable Partial Denture: Here the patient can insert and remove the denture at his/her will. It is advisable to clean the denture after every meal. Further removable dentures are of three different types.

Acrylic partial Denture: The base of the denture is made up of a special kind of acrylic resin material and the artificial teeth are placed on it. As it is rigid, there is chance of breakage.

Flexible Partial Denture: It is made up of a flexible resin and has no chance of breakage. It is little more expensive.

Cast partial Denture: The framework of this denture is made up of strong metal alloy which can be cast to properly fit the teeth and there is no chance of breakage of denture frame.

Stitch in time saves nine It is advisable to replace the missing teeth as early as possible by means of denture, bridge or implant to support the surrounding tooth structure and their migration

Complete Denture

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Complete/ full dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. Denture has 2 parts.

1. Denture Teeth set : usually made up of acrylic available in different mould and colour.

2. Denture Base: Pink colour acrylic that will be in contact with the tissues when denture is seated in the mouth. Metal base is also available to prevent the breakage.

Cost : Depends mostly on the type of material and technique used. Dentures made from injection molding technique are expensive than regular ones.

Procedure: It requires multiple sittings for making impressions of edentulous jaw and taking measurements of how jaw relates to each other (bite registration). Trial is taken to check the colour the colour, shape, fit and bite before final denture is made.

Denture Care

You must have patience and perseverance to learn the use of dentures. New denture can also cause sores as it compress soft tissue mucosa but this can be taken care with denture adjustments. Some patients experience an initial abundance of saliva which will regain to normalcy sooner. Denture should be cleaned properly after every meal and stored in clean water overnight with denture cleansing table/powder. Acrylic dentures are repairable.