Orthodontic Treatment

Having irregular or protruded teeth certainly make one feel awkward and embarrassed in public. Sometimes it even hinders one’s career. A good smile adds up the personality and improves one’s confidence level. Orthodontics is the specialization of dentistry which deals with correcting the arrangement of teeth thus improving the smile and function of teeth.

These teeth and jaw problems may be caused after losing baby teeth, accidents or habits like thumb sucking or mouth breathing. It can be genetic or inherited.

Basic Guidelines:

Generally, it is advisable for a kid to visit a dentist when permanent teeth start erupting, so that any problem can be identified at early age. Ideal time for the treatment is between 8-18 years, as it is a developing phase and teeth movement can easily be done at the desired level. Moreover, once the age progresses, the treatment time also gets extended.


Sometimes patient may need extraction of teeth to make room so that any other teeth can move into their proper position. Orthodontic treatment usually takes 6 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of problem. There are 2 types of appliances – Removable and Fixed braces.

Removable are made up of plastic and usually have wire clips and springs. However, fixed braces cannot be removed and brackets are bonded to the teeth and joined together with a wire. They apply steady pressure on the teeth which eventually moves teeth into a straightened position. Again, these braces are metallic and ceramic (tooth colored). Generally, patients should have enough patience and have to visit an orthodontist every month to make sure that the braces are exerting steady pressure on the teeth.