Golden Tips

● Proper cleaning of teeth every morning and evening before sleep is Necessary. No Pressure or extended time is requires for Normal brushing

● Avoid giving sweets, chocolates or sticky products to children in the gap of two meals. In such cases, It is advisable to gargle.

● It is advisable to have roughages, carrots and cucumber after lunch and dinner. It helps to clean teeth in natural manner. Clean the mouth through gargle after having food every time.

● Visit the dentist every half yearly/yearly regularly for checkups. The instruction given by dentist should be religiously followed.

● Cleaning of teeth yearly strengthens it and increases the life of guns.

● Dental Flossing is required to remove the particles in between the gaps.

Better Late than Never

Teeth are our life partner. To avoid artificial denture, it is must to take proper care of them in order to prevent trouble. Understand it and have friendship with teeth.